Tuesday, December 1, 2015

update, post genghis con 2015

i am horrible at updating this thing. 

the truth, the comic inspired by cults and tv sitcoms is done, printed and some of you out there have a copy, and i am turning it into a digital comic to be released off into the wilds of internetsland a day or so, but before that i just wanted to say hi and have something up here, i just spent the 29th of november up in cleveland at the Genghis Con and had an awesome time, gave out a bunch of free mini-comix about my upcoming video game/comix thing turbostab, traded comix with people, saw Gary Dumm and Derf and Aaron Lange and a ton of other awesome folks, and got some great ideas for stuff. 

anyways just keeping it short, The Truth will be available soon for all you electric comics reading folks, and turbostab....well turbostab is working...go follow the the website for it, http://turbostab.com/ and you'll be stabbing evil pizza-people on your fancy computer phones in the weeks to come! seriously, this is gonna be awesome..

Super Awesome Comics on the Ebay

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