Wednesday, June 10, 2015

an illustrated interview with Frank Santoro

Hi folks, as I am working on my comic/video game thing Turbokill, I feel compelled to finish projects i've started before, one of them is this short interview with Frank Santoro, conducted at the 2013 edition of the genghis con in beautiful cleveland ohio (GO CAVS!)
I always love when i get a chance to talk with Frank, and dig through his comics. so here it is...

Make sure you go check his internet site, which appears to be on tumblr right now. You'll also find his writings and stuff (a whole bunch of words n stuff) on the comics journal website, he's a fantastic voice for comics, and always makes me think a little better on things. Also he runs a correspondence course in comic making. So seriously, click some links and push some buttons and go find out more.

Also I drew this in my approximation of the Tintin style, cause Frank loves him some Tintin comics.

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