Sunday, May 17, 2015


Okay first hey everyone, i had a great time at the first ever Erie Library Comic Con in the old erie, pennsylvania, i gotta say thanks to Sean McGrath for putting together an awesome show and the library folks up there for hosting the whole thing. And of course thanks to all the people that came, local erie folks and foreigners too!

Anyways, I'm currently putting together my best comic ever, it's called Turbokill, some people got generic flying discs with the logo, and some people did not. So that's what the above is about. I'm holding off detailing too much right now, cause it'll be best when you're all just overwhelmed by the whole thing. It's going to be violent and weird and surreal.

Also it's going to be a videogame. That's all I can say for now, but here's a pretty rough gif of one of the characters dancing and grabbing their gun. well, really rough puts it mildly. anyways, keep an eye here as I am able to tell y'all what the deal is on everything. Platforms, musicians involved, all that good stuff.

Oh an also if you follow my tweeter you probs saw that i'm doing a comic with the surrealist writer Paul Jessup, and it's gonna be called The Truth and is sort of like a comic and sorta like a tv sitcom, it's gonna be pretty nuts, but safe for those with nut allergies.

Paul's a great guy and has numerous books about exploding stars and their lovers, girls trapped in glass coffins and giants and all sorts of things, go look at his web stuff

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