Tuesday, December 1, 2015

update, post genghis con 2015

i am horrible at updating this thing. 

the truth, the comic inspired by cults and tv sitcoms is done, printed and some of you out there have a copy, and i am turning it into a digital comic to be released off into the wilds of internetsland a day or so, but before that i just wanted to say hi and have something up here, i just spent the 29th of november up in cleveland at the Genghis Con and had an awesome time, gave out a bunch of free mini-comix about my upcoming video game/comix thing turbostab, traded comix with people, saw Gary Dumm and Derf and Aaron Lange and a ton of other awesome folks, and got some great ideas for stuff. 

anyways just keeping it short, The Truth will be available soon for all you electric comics reading folks, and turbostab....well turbostab is working...go follow the the website for it, http://turbostab.com/ and you'll be stabbing evil pizza-people on your fancy computer phones in the weeks to come! seriously, this is gonna be awesome..

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

24 hour comics day in Erie, PA!

Here's the poster for this years 24 hour comics day event up in Erie, hosted again by the ever resourceful Sean McGrath of the geekerie and at box of light studios. all the deets are there on the picture, but October 3rd-4th is gonna be witness to a bunch of insane comics being made in the old Pennsylvania land. Go check out Sean's site, the GeeekErie  he's also the person who, like a mad mad scientist, put together the Erie Library Comic Con in May, which, if you was there you know was a resounding success! So get read to make some comics or at least go click like or share or instaskype or tumble or whatever you kids do nowadays.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


so i'm just putting up this kinda preview of what i'm doing, but the whole super awesome comics bullpen is tirelessly working round the clock to create a new kinda of comic buying experience for all of you comix readers.

And just in case you still don't know about  THE TRUTH, i understand there are several people that are genuinely tickled to help you learn about THE TRUTH, just leave you phone number and address in a comment below and Newman (the oldman) will drop by to teach you THE TRUTH.

Get ready to LEARN kids!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a Paul Jessup sighting at free comic day

So this year for free comic day i took the wife an kids up to books galore, made a creepy rooster mask so that junior could dress up as Jacket from hotline miami, pickles my daughter dressed up as Supergirl and threw up promptly upon getting to the comic shop, i dressed up as bloodshot and my wife was trouble. but also once we got to the shop the following took place. true story...

upon conferring with Paul, he suggested i add the unedited ending as well, so this happened...

and despite the fact that junior bludgeoned him to death, Paul has agreed to work on a comic with me that we're called "The Truth" and is gonna be pretty bonkers or cray-cray or whatever the kids call insane awesomeness nowadays. oh yea, go check out Paul's website, he's like a real legit surrealist writer and stuff! Like you didn't know...

and this is junior in his hotline miami cosplay...i made the mask myself!

and just cuz i love it, go get hotline miami if you don't already have it, the paid for version is much better than the pirated ones

an illustrated interview with Frank Santoro

Hi folks, as I am working on my comic/video game thing Turbokill, I feel compelled to finish projects i've started before, one of them is this short interview with Frank Santoro, conducted at the 2013 edition of the genghis con in beautiful cleveland ohio (GO CAVS!)
I always love when i get a chance to talk with Frank, and dig through his comics. so here it is...

Make sure you go check his internet site, http://franksantoro.tumblr.com/ which appears to be on tumblr right now. You'll also find his writings and stuff (a whole bunch of words n stuff) on the comics journal website, he's a fantastic voice for comics, and always makes me think a little better on things. Also he runs a correspondence course in comic making. So seriously, click some links and push some buttons and go find out more.

Also I drew this in my approximation of the Tintin style, cause Frank loves him some Tintin comics.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Okay first hey everyone, i had a great time at the first ever Erie Library Comic Con in the old erie, pennsylvania, i gotta say thanks to Sean McGrath for putting together an awesome show and the library folks up there for hosting the whole thing. And of course thanks to all the people that came, local erie folks and foreigners too!

Anyways, I'm currently putting together my best comic ever, it's called Turbokill, some people got generic flying discs with the logo, and some people did not. So that's what the above is about. I'm holding off detailing too much right now, cause it'll be best when you're all just overwhelmed by the whole thing. It's going to be violent and weird and surreal.

Also it's going to be a videogame. That's all I can say for now, but here's a pretty rough gif of one of the characters dancing and grabbing their gun. well, really rough puts it mildly. anyways, keep an eye here as I am able to tell y'all what the deal is on everything. Platforms, musicians involved, all that good stuff.

Oh an also if you follow my tweeter you probs saw that i'm doing a comic with the surrealist writer Paul Jessup, and it's gonna be called The Truth and is sort of like a comic and sorta like a tv sitcom, it's gonna be pretty nuts, but safe for those with nut allergies.

Paul's a great guy and has numerous books about exploding stars and their lovers, girls trapped in glass coffins and giants and all sorts of things, go look at his web stuff http://pauljessup.com/

Tuesday, March 3, 2015



so i haven't updated here in a minute, and also have dropped my popular pen name (bernard crowsheet) and am just using my actual name, and haven't put any new comix up in a little bit either. really the last thing anyone might have seen was that my space jam fan fiction thing with lebron james in it is a free download as a pdf on gumroad.

Yeah, it's still there, go get it, it's free

anyways, super awesome comics is undergoing a major makeover, so bear (bare?) with me, i'll be starting a new comic that i'm promising will be violent and obnoxious and filled with things you don't want your parents to see. or maybe you do, i don't know your parents (cept your mom! ha!)

so that's that for now. get ready for Relaunch!

Super Awesome Comics on the Ebay

I'm opening up my ebay store again  retro comics, indie comix, toys and collectibles  go check it out yo! http://www.ebay.com/usr/s...