Wednesday, November 6, 2013

skinny pillows & geeks

So i started a daily-ish webcomic called skinny pillows, i put it up over on Tapastic, which is a kinda new site that is trying to become the youtube of webcomics. it's nice, there's a ton of really good comics on there, so i'm glad that they let me in to post my stuff alongside all these other cool folks. There's all those buttons to like it and share it and everything, it's basically a diary comic, so sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's weird and sometimes it's me fighting with with people. Let me know what y'all think.

also over the weekend was the third annual N.E. geek expo in jefferson, ohio. i went and made a mini-comic to highlight my recent undertaking of a daily-ish webcomic. here's a bad pic from my phone of it

i also made a stamp to stamp on thing with ink, so all my comix get this from now on and i'm pretty happy with it. carved it from a big pink eraser, this is that.

Super Awesome Comics on the Ebay

I'm opening up my ebay store again  retro comics, indie comix, toys and collectibles  go check it out yo!