Saturday, August 24, 2013

Signifiers #2 review

I want to get back to doing reviews on the blog, but rather than just new comics I try I'm going to stick to comics I have that you might not and that are really great. So with that let me tell you about the signifiers.

m.r. neno is a devoted fan of jack kirby and his art really shows the influence of studying the kings work. Tho this issue, the second seems filled with lots of talking and only a few big action spots. But never fear! You only need enter his online world where the first issue is available free to read to see the mad action that flows out of his pen. So go read that if you haven't, it introduces all the characters like Thelma who is half dog & half woman, Splash the guitarist star of the comic, Tiffany who has four eyes and speaks broken english, some motorcycle guys and a heat seeking dwarf. There's also an interview with Tom Scioli and some more comics at the end. Neno has been making his comic world for a few years now and it really feels like it. Everything has got that real quality, like you could go visit the places in his books and be confused meeting the folks who live there. Issue three is promised to be action filled and i'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. oh yeah, Neno writes draws and letters the book all himself and he also gets good grades from Paul Pope, so don't take my word for it, the kid has got skillz! go read it at

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