Sunday, October 28, 2012

N.E. Geek Expo coloring contest!

November 3rd 2012 will be the second annual N.E. Geek Expo in Jefferson, Ohio, filled with all sorts of geek-tacular goodness, video games, comics, fire breathing vikings, donuts, super heros, villains, robots in disguise, possibly ninjas, and a coloring contest involving the above picture. If you are anywhere near Jefferson or the Ashtabula area come check out the show, directions and more details are at the official N.E. Geek Expo facebook page
Stop by my table, Super Awesome Comics, get a copy of the picture if you want to enter the coloring contest, peruse the comics I've made and the selection of delectable comics from spider-man and the avengers to mickey mouse and weird underground oddities! Remeber Any Geek is welcome at the N.E. Geek Expo!

Super Awesome Comics on the Ebay

I'm opening up my ebay store again  retro comics, indie comix, toys and collectibles  go check it out yo!