Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where's Zombi bin Laden?

You might have noticed that some sites on the internet have fancy blacked out banners today and have vowed to stay that way for 24 hours to protest the SOPA & PIPA bills that threaten internet freedom. Wikipedia and wordpress got special fancy signs that tell you to tell congress not to support these bills. Even google put a big black censored bar over their normal logo (that's it? really? that's all google?) and you will notice if you check out the homepage for Zombi bin Laden that the page has been removed. That is the reality we face, not fancy banners and ads explaining this or that, just 404 errors and the like. I have tried to do something different with Zombi bin Laden and will continue my protest well past the 24 hour protest. The site is shut down, not coming back while we imagine what a real government backed shutdown will be like. No explanations, no everything back to normal hour, nothing.

The panel at the top is from an upcoming comic I am to be a part of, but goes along nicely with todays protests. How will government react to todays online protests? We have seen the violence used against the Occupation protesters, perhaps everyone who protests the SOPA & PIPA bills will be labeled as pirates and hackers and enemy combatants? Enemy combatants, as you know, can be American citizens and locked up without trial or charge indefinitely thanks to the recent language in the NDAA bill signed by president Obama. Good luck folks!

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