Monday, June 20, 2011

I Review Frankenstein

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1

Wait, a review? Since when do I have reviews on here? This is something I've been toying with in my head, and truthfully I really want to see this book succeed when September rolls around. So no spoilers, nor a page by page detail of what happens here, no that is why you go buy a comic for yourself, to read and enjoy it. I love Jeff Lemire's work, Sweet Tooth, his Atom story, the Nobody, Essex County, Superboy...well not so much there, sorry Jeff. With Frankenstein I wasn't sure what was coming along when I first heard about the mini-series, but now with all the details released about the renumbering of DC books and and the inclusion of Frankenstein as an ongoing series, still by Jeff Lemire I couldn't stop myself from getting this book. Ibraim Roberson and his colorist Pete Pantazis have nailed down a slick look really draws you into the world, and keeps pace with the story. And if the cover picture of some Nazis getting stomped on doesn't tell you, then let me: THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!

Myself I am not too familiar with the DC version of Frankenstein, but this is not the normal DC universe, but the world of Flashpoint, so everything is different anyways. Right away we are introduced to Frankenstein and how he meets the rest of his team. None of these sequences feel put on or contrived, but natural, at least as natural as you can be when you are stitched together from the bodies of the dead and are meeting a werewolf, a vampire and weird mutant fish girl. The Nazis get stomped, as you might have gathered from the cover image and we find out that is just the begining for Frankenstein and his new teammates. A fantastic read that I can't wait to see more of. Plus you get a free button with a silly picture of Frankenstein on it, I love buttons and giveaways that DC puts out. I still have my Invisibles pin and a Vote for Lex pin, so y'know. It's only $2.99 to try out, so go give it a try!

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