Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grodd of War

This is a one shot issue I picked up mainly because I like the artist, Ig Guara, and how can you go wrong with a standalone issue? This is a fantastically creepy comic that makes Gorilla Grodd absolutely terrifying. We get a peak inside the mind of a real horror, someone who lives for violence and evisceration. The scenes in this book made me shudder and cringe, and not just gore, but the philosophy of Grodd.
Now some people are saying that the DC books over the summer "don't count" because come September everything starts over. If you use that excuse and pass this book over, you will be missing out, because DC is showing us the heart of their line. DC is showing us that what changes on the cover is not why we keep coming back, no, it is what stays the same.

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