Thursday, August 13, 2015



here's where all my stuff for TurboStab goes folks. I'll be posting all sorts of process sketches for the comic and in turn shots from the game as it's developed. Right now I just threw up a bunch of pictures from my inspirational folder for this thing.

it's gonna be awesome. and i already got a few killer musicians lined up to create the soundtrack for the game. i gotta close the eyes for a few minutes folks, they're bleeding from the awesome..

Ben Jammin!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


so i'm just putting up this kinda preview of what i'm doing, but the whole super awesome comics bullpen is tirelessly working round the clock to create a new kinda of comic buying experience for all of you comix readers.

And just in case you still don't know about  THE TRUTH, i understand there are several people that are genuinely tickled to help you learn about THE TRUTH, just leave you phone number and address in a comment below and Newman (the oldman) will drop by to teach you THE TRUTH.

Get ready to LEARN kids!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a Paul Jessup sighting at free comic day

So this year for free comic day i took the wife an kids up to books galore, made a creepy rooster mask so that junior could dress up as Jacket from hotline miami, pickles my daughter dressed up as Supergirl and threw up promptly upon getting to the comic shop, i dressed up as bloodshot and my wife was trouble. but also once we got to the shop the following took place. true story...

upon conferring with Paul, he suggested i add the unedited ending as well, so this happened...

and despite the fact that junior bludgeoned him to death, Paul has agreed to work on a comic with me that we're called "The Truth" and is gonna be pretty bonkers or cray-cray or whatever the kids call insane awesomeness nowadays. oh yea, go check out Paul's website, he's like a real legit surrealist writer and stuff! Like you didn't know...

and this is junior in his hotline miami cosplay...i made the mask myself!

and just cuz i love it, go get hotline miami if you don't already have it, the paid for version is much better than the pirated ones
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