Friday, October 23, 2015


Hi folks! This is Benjamin (aka. the artist formerly known as bernard crowsheet) owner and creator of Super Awesome Comics, and I want to tell you about THE TRUTH! The Truth is a comic written by surrealist writer Paul Jessup and drawn by me, inspired by old TV sitcoms and insanity i guess. It is being released at the 5th annual N.E. Geek Expo in printed format and shortly afterwards it will be made available digitally for those Truth seekers who can't make it to Geneva Ohio on October 24th. Rumors are swirling around that the man himself, Paul Jessup, will even be making an appearance at the show and he might be bribed into signing copies of the comic. Keep your fingers crossed Truth seekers!

There will also be a selection of my other comix, gems that haven't been released in print before like "You're in big, BIG trouble" and my Space Jam doujinshi (that's fan-comic for those who don't read manga) and a sketch comic with random strips and stuff from my next project, TURBOSTAB, which is a video game and comic masterpiece about a dangerous world where pizza is illegal!

So make sure to find your way to the N.E. Geek Expo and learn THE TRUTH, Father Yoho will give you a holy blessing if you do!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

24 hour comics day in Erie, PA!

Here's the poster for this years 24 hour comics day event up in Erie, hosted again by the ever resourceful Sean McGrath of the geekerie and at box of light studios. all the deets are there on the picture, but October 3rd-4th is gonna be witness to a bunch of insane comics being made in the old Pennsylvania land. Go check out Sean's site, the GeeekErie  he's also the person who, like a mad mad scientist, put together the Erie Library Comic Con in May, which, if you was there you know was a resounding success! So get read to make some comics or at least go click like or share or instaskype or tumble or whatever you kids do nowadays.

Thursday, August 13, 2015



here's where all my stuff for TurboStab goes folks. I'll be posting all sorts of process sketches for the comic and in turn shots from the game as it's developed. Right now I just threw up a bunch of pictures from my inspirational folder for this thing.

it's gonna be awesome. and i already got a few killer musicians lined up to create the soundtrack for the game. i gotta close the eyes for a few minutes folks, they're bleeding from the awesome..

Ben Jammin!
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