Tuesday, March 3, 2015



so i haven't updated here in a minute, and also have dropped my popular pen name (bernard crowsheet) and am just using my actual name, and haven't put any new comix up in a little bit either. really the last thing anyone might have seen was that my space jam fan fiction thing with lebron james in it is a free download as a pdf on gumroad.

Yeah, it's still there, go get it, it's free

anyways, super awesome comics is undergoing a major makeover, so bear (bare?) with me, i'll be starting a new comic that i'm promising will be violent and obnoxious and filled with things you don't want your parents to see. or maybe you do, i don't know your parents (cept your mom! ha!)

so that's that for now. get ready for Relaunch!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Genghis Con 2014!!

So, I have had to cancel a couple of the comic shows I was supposed to be exibiting at, namely the Lawn Con that meester Chris Yambar hosts as well as the N.E.Geek expo that is this weekend, due to several factors that are not very interesting for blogging purposes. BUT! I still am going to attend this years Genghis Con no matter what, I might be hitchhiking to the show, (my truck is not very reliable right now) or I might be going all grand theft auto to get there (no not really) but no matter what, I will have two new books of my crazed comix/manga! One is my all ages book, "You're in big, BIG trouble!" and the other will be a Space Jam Doujinshi, or fan comic. And to help promote the show I will be getting this little psoter/flyer thing I made up out around my area and such. But here it is for the online crowd, don't mind all the posting of it I will be doing on my internetz sites.

Here's the test colors for the cover of You're in big, BIG trouble. It's got some little girls who play 3ds, and aliens and angry dads in it.

The physical flyers will be at the N.E. Geek Expo surrounded by delicious donuts, as well as posted around my town, Conyeayot (conneaut) and surrounding areas, Ashtabula, Erie, Geneva, etc. I'll be posting some excerpts from each of these online in the coming weeks, as well as some info on some collaborative projects I'm doing with other folks.

And sadly even tho LeBron is back in Cleveland, the rumors of a official Space Jam sequel starring him are false. So Y'all will have to make do with my Space Jam doujinshi when I release it at Genghis Con! ARE YOU READY??

Oh yea, here's the links to the official Genghis con pages,

the Genghis Con blogspot

the Genghis Con tumblr

Friday, September 12, 2014

bartkira fan art thing

So there's this awesome thing out there that is called Bartkira that is the bi-product of mashing the Simpsons and Akira together and also a few hundred cartoonists to make it all real. It's quite a thing to behold, go look and be amazebutterfingers. BARTKIRA

I only found out about this after all the spots were assigned, so I'm just going to apply to be a back-up dude in case someone calls off or is sick or gives up or contracts ebola or whatevs. But I had to try my hand at it, and work on my digital coloring skillz too, so below is some shots of me doing a page. Only now looking at it I see that I forgot to change the names to simpson names, i.e. Akira should be Ralph, and Nezu should be Mayor Qiumby, but since this isn't going on any official thing I'm just leaving it as is. But for realz, go check out the Bartkira site, it's a sight to be scene!

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